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Wild Life

Welcome to the world of the Royal Bengal Tiger!
Going on safari to photograph tigers in the wild is an unrivalled experience. These are the world’s largest cats. They are stealthy, solitary, spectacular and scarce.

Hidden Gems of India

Ever imagined how the Royalty of India lived?
Experience the same royalty in the paradisiacal property in the desert countryside or the ghats of Varanasi.Indulge in the royal sports or just submit...

Over Sea

Take a break, fly out !!!

Break the monotony, spoil yourself to the luxury abodes, meet your siblings, or gift your parents an exquisite holiday to Far east, middle east or the Western world.


We at Raniv wish to give our guests the best!!
Niraamaya Retreats is a selection of private boutique properties, offering an inspiring combination of distinctive hospitality and bespoke wellness.